Coming to America

For the next four weeks I’ll be blogging live from the USA.  This week there will be a brief hiatus while I travel but from next Monday I’ll be blogging twice weekly about what I’ve seen, where I’ve seen it and what the hell is going on in the hectic world of American TV. What will you get? In a word…more! Expect  reviews ripped from the day’s headlines of the latest home-made and imported shows to hit US screens, plenty of excitable guff about watching the US-set two-part Easter special of Doctor Who on BBC America and highlights of the schedule, including, no doubt, some of the most extraordinary commercials you’ll ever encounter as a human on the earth! While we’re on a  break, don’t sleep with a waif-like girl in a club that looks alarming like a TV studio with flashing lights a la David Schwimmer, catch up on some of our classic re-runs instead.

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