About the Author


Tom Steward is an actor, writer and TV scholar. He lives in Chula Vista, California. He is married with a young son … so expect PBS Kids and reality TV!

2 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. GreenbArg Says:

    Tom, I’m a semi-professional (small)screenwriter and I like what you’re about. I stumbled across your blog googling “orange is the new flashback” because I’m considering filming a short mocking the show. It seems you and I are the only ones to boldly portmanteau for it. I’ve read a handful of your entries now and just wanted to see if you had taken a stab at writing tv yourself? or if you were interested in taking a stab at writing tv with a writing partner. Namely, me. Nothing ventured… am I right?

    • Thank you for your compliments about the blog. I’d be very interested in discussing a writing collaboration. I’m on Facebook and Twitter (@reverenddejesus). Follow or friend me and I’ll message you my contact details.

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